An artist. A sculptor. An alien. Gifted. Wise. Focused. Tireless. "God's plagiarist" by his own account

A fascinating multifaceted artist, Stavri Kalinov is one of the most important contemporary artists of Bulgaria. Born in 1944 in Vidin, he later studies carpentry in the National Art Academy. But no material is off limits to his hands and his gift - he has studied and mixed various techniques and mediums, like cold ceramics, bronze, gold, silver, watercolours, oil and silicone on canvas, graphite and his favourite - glass. Since 1973 his works have been shown worldwide and he soon gains notoriety in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, France and USA.

Besides his own art, Stavri paints and sculpts portraits of notorious historical figures, such as John Atanasoff, Vasil Levski, Jules Pascin, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and more. Iconography is also part of his work, along with a sculpture of Constantine and Elena gifted to the Vatican in 1997.

Stavri is the author of multiple award ceremony trophy figurines, such as the "Woman Entrepreneur" award, and "Mr.Economics" award in Bulgaria.

With a career spanning over half a century, Stavri's works have been shown and sold worldwide, and proudly live in the homes of many an art aficionados, including Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and several Bulgarian presidents.

His seminal works can be found in his current space - part gallery, part workshop - the Diplomat Art Gallery in Sofia.

The fine art gallery is open to visitors every day, located in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, across the Russian Church. The gallery was established first in 1995 and is home of Stavri's contemporary figurative art, combining mythology and eroticism, including canvas oil paintings, ceramics and metal sculptures, as well as unique reproductions.

The gallery is open to visitors daily, giving you a chance to meet the artist himself.


10:00 - 22:00.
Closed on national holidays.


Tsar Osvoboditel 6, Art Gallery Diplomat. .

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